Calculate the right ring size for your hand

The best way is to measure in a jewelry store. A faster one is the sizing guide you can find here.


Gift packaging

You receive the jewelry in a package that is also suitable as a gift.



Product quality

The philosophy of the company puntos jewelery is the design and manufacture of jewelry that has high aesthetics and quality of manufacture. For this reason the jewelry is thoroughly inspected before delivery. In case a piece of jewelry shows a defect, as a result of a manufacturing failure, we replace it or repair it at your own expense.


Change, order cancellation

If you have a question about your order or wish to change or cancel it, contact us at +306908338660 or send us e-mail in the puntosjewellery@gmail.com within 1 day from the completion of the order. See the change policy here. 


Order return

You can return the jewelry you bought from the online store www.puntosjewellery.gr and get your money back. See the change policy here.


What is plating?

Plating is the process of depositing, by electrolysis, a thin layer of metal on top of another metal.


The plating colors in our jewelry are:

gold (18K yellow gold plating),

pink (18K rose gold plating),

gray (pomegranate plating)

black (ruthenium or pomegranate plating)

silver plating (999 silver plating).


For greater resistance to oxidation and discoloration all our jewelry first platinum (platinum plating) before applying the final paint.

The color of the plating in any case it cannot remain unchanged but wears out with use and exposure to environmental factors.

The color leaves with abrasion and for this reason rings are more vulnerable than earrings or pendants. Also, jewelry should not come into contact with cosmetics, shampoos, perfumes, etc. because chemicals can alter their shine and color.  Bathing in the sea and sweating can have the same negative effects.