Each form begins with a point that begins to move. The point moves and the line is born, the first dimension. The line is shifted and the plane is formed, the second dimension. The transition from the level to the space, the collision of the levels creates the three-dimensional body. ”




The jewelry brand "puntos jewelery”Is created in 2015 in Athens by the jewelry designer George Miliaraki.
George Miliarakis is studying Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic School of the University of Patras. He is fascinated by the microsculptural nature of jewelry, fire and metal. He discovers the rich tradition of Greek Silversmithing and the wide range of its techniques. He decides to "walk" on the path of creation and studies handmade and productive jewelry at IIEK MOKUME, the years when the school produces rich works of art and produces important contemporary Greek jewelry designers. Then he has the good fortune to work alongside great craftsmen and specialize in handmade jewelry. At the same time he starts designing his own jewelry and from 2010 until today he participates in exhibitions in Greece and abroad. In recent years he has been exploring the possibilities offered by modern design techniques (3d design) and jewelry production (3d printing).


Influenced by his studies in the positive sciences and silver and goldsmithing, the charm that nature exerts on him and provided the authentic personal expression, he designs original jewelry. Following an almost mystical internal process, the designer defines points, gives them life and personality. Points-Puntos that sometimes move with an explosive threatening mood, sometimes flow lazily and other times playfully tangled with each other. Points-Puntos that attract each other, join and shape jewelry objects. Organic forms, linear patterns, mathematical rhythms and archetypes are intertwined with the plastic nature of the metal, combined with the decorative character of the jewelry. They are formed into objects that acquire substance on the human body, creating a two-way relationship, highlighting each other.

His constant goal is the design development, the investigation of his personal expression, and the production of jewelry that has high aesthetic value and quality of construction.

Starting from my personal path and subject to the real expression, I design forms - jewelry that have their own inner life, their own inner potential, their own identity.
Jewelry that lives autonomously and at the same time has an organic relationship with the human body, is revealed by it and highlights it.”

Miliarakis George